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Golf Course Design

It is hard to imagine any design endeavor that is more subjective than golf course architecture!  Aesthetically, strategically and from a pure enjoyment standpoint, opinions about what players think of any golf course can vary considerably.  For almost any design philosophy regarding golf architecture an argument can be made supporting or debunking that philosophy.  Are the best courses links, parkland, tropical, desert or mountain style?  They all have their places and supporters.  Our job as your golf course architect is to make certain whatever your particular situation with land and budget, that we provide you with the very best design possible for that site.


Concept Planning

Course Evaluation

Construction Supervision

CC-East-at-Lakewood-Ranch-8-300How do we do that for you?  First, by having many years of varied experience of dealing with sites of all types in many parts of the world.  While we are always learning new things, there are very few types of sites we have yet to work with and this experience means we can address the specific requirements of your project.

Next, we understand intimately many of the related facets of golf course design.  From the most basic function of routing the golf course so that it fits into the fabric of the natural features of the land to the detailed preparation of construction drawings, careful on-site supervision of shaping and construction methods, landscaping, master plannng and real estate development.  All of these and more are what we have dealt with successfully for many years.

A very important part of our golf course design philosophy is that to the greatest extent possible, the golf course will be designed so that it has the least possible impact on the environmental aspects of the site.  We strive to integrate the golf course naturally into the land, working to preserve the topography, vegetation, water quality, wildlife habitat and other features of the site.  This starts with the routing of the golf holes to avoid sensitive areas and continues through the preparation of environmental management plans to guide the contractors in their work.

We believe that the creation of a golf course that is strategically sound, safe for the players, fun, challenging and aesthetically pleasing are hallmarks of our designs.  We consider all types of players in our design and realize the vast differences in ability among golfers.  Our goal is to make sure each type of player can leave the courses we design and say it made them think; it was not easy but it was fun!

In the final analysis, our task is to work closely with the client to help them achieve their goals for the golf course, not to impose our thoughts.  We want to give our clients the best and most reliable advice that we can about all aspects of the development based upon a background of many past projects.  Communication with our clients, their staff and other consultants, is one of our most important tasks and one that we do very well.  By working together in a true team effort, Robbins & Associates can provide valuable insight and design solutions that fit the goals and dreams everyone has for each project.



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